Peer 2 Peer Mentorship

Peer 2 Peer Mentorship is an independent academic and career service initiative that fosters student success in planning their educational track in their respective majors.
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PostSubject: REGISTRATION   Tue Nov 15, 2011 3:08 pm


First Steps
*In order to register for this forum please click the "register" button above and follow each step. You must first ACTIVATE your account before receiving access to write on this forum.

Second Steps
*Please fill out your ID in this format: firstname.lastname.academicmajor(year) EX. ->> Kwang.Kim.bus2013 or John.Doe.law2013 **If you have not decided on a major please enter "na" for academic major EX.- >> John.Doe.na2013

Third Steps

*Start browsing through the forums because one or more of your questions may have been asked and answered already


This forum's administrator is: Kwang Sun Kim
Moderators are: Mentors of each respective major
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